No Good Thing Is Withheld

As I continue to meditate on the goodness of our Lord for this week (blog posts theme for the week is the word Good), I wanted to share my reflections on Psalms 84.

Last Friday, my flight to Manila was cancelled due to a runway excursion. I am on leave from Friday until today. I told God that I am not ready to do nothing for five days. I was mentally prepared to be tired, as I was supposed to embark on three flights last weekend in less than 24 hours. But due to an accident in Manila Airport, all my flights for Friday and Saturday was cancelled.

I was telling God, I am not mentally prepared to do nothing. When I am not doing anything, I am always in solitude and likes to reflect on things. But yesterday, I felt that there are certain circumstances that the devil was using in order for me to doubt that God’s answer to my prayers. One part of my brain is telling me that God is an all-powerful God and He is good all the time; then one part of my brain is trying to tell go and check your phone for updates. One moment, I am telling my brain, God’s timing is perfect; He is neither early nor too late. I was anxious yesterday, that I feel lonely and needed to talk to someone.

Similarly, the author of Psalms 84 wanted to escape the anxious and bustling city and meet God in His holy temple; I am anxious to escape my complicated-wired brain and be at ease with the presence of my God. I have been repeating the verse from Psalms 73:25 – “Whom I have in heaven but You?”. I wanted to run so badly to God because half of my brain wanted an assurance, and half of my brain keeps reminding me He is God; He knows what He is doing.

While pondering, the Lord has brought peace to my fidgety heart and distressed mind. I may not be in a physical temple yesterday, but I rejoiced that our body became the temple of the Living God. I can have my encounters with Him at times when my thoughts are dampening my faith and spirit. I can be assured that being with God, I will feel better. If my flesh and my heart will fail, God is the strength of my heart and my portion forever (Psalm 73:26).

Suddenly, God reminded me of His goodness on that specific prayer item. He reminded me that He didn’t withhold any good things from me. Yes, my faith at times falter, but the Holy Spirit, my counsellor, keep reminding me that He always works on our behalf. We are His delight, therefore, all good and perfect gifts are from Him. He didn’t say that we will not experience waiting, but we will go from strength to strength during the season of anticipation.

This I say to the Lord, He is my sun and my shield. As surely as the sun rises from the east and sets from the western horizon, I can be assured that there are no good things that will be withheld as long as we obey and desire to always walk with Him. Thank You Lord, for indeed You are good.

4 thoughts on “No Good Thing Is Withheld

  1. 140 Character Christian says:

    I have been reading a book on Sabbath rest and one point that stuck with me is the need to periodically exit worldly time and enter God’s eternal time. I tried to do this one day by not having a watch or phone with me. I was amazed how difficult it was to do, to abandon that desire to check my phone or the time and be fully present with God. It’s a work in progress, but the moments I succeed are rewarding.


      • lvictoriatorno says:

        Totally agree by the way on the difficulty, my first time to stay silent for 5 minutes was difficult. I only lasted for 2 minutes. We are all work-in-progress being transformed more and more in Christ’s image.

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      • 140 Character Christian says:

        It’s an older book: “Sabbath Time” by Tilden Edwards. He comes at it from a more liturgical perspective. I particularly liked the chapters on the history of the Sabbath, particularly in the early church. The book “Mudhouse Sabbath” is another interesting take on Sabbath Rest.

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