Worship Weekend: Miracles – Jesus Culture

This morning, as I anticipate the Lord’s day and Holy Spirit Encounter after the church service, I played the song Miracles by Jesus Culture.

I didn’t know that this song was also part of the worship lineup for the afternoon service. God has spoken about my prayers that I know will take time. But I take heart because my God is faithful, not because I have a lot of faith, but because Jesus is the author and the perfecter of my faith.

The God who made the blind eyes see before is the same God who will remove spiritual scales in my eyes that hinders me to keep my sight unto Him. The God who brought life to death is the same God that will restore broken relationships caused by family feuds. The God who made the deaf to hear is the same God that is whispering to my ear, ”Do not fear, do not be dismayed, because I am the God of miracles. Rejoice in me, I will turn your fears to faith; your mourning into dancing; your sorrow into joy”.

I pray that whoever is reading this post right now that God will minister unto you just as He ministers unto me through this song. Have a blessed Sunday.

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