You Can’t Hurry Love

I first heard that song when I was in university – my friends and I had a long break so we decided to watch the movie Runaway Bride. You probably have seen the movie and it’s a bit funny and there is a hint of truth that, when we view love from the worldly perspective, truly we can’t hurry love.

But what if I tell you today that someone is in a hurry, to love you? You must probably say, “Nah, that is too good to be true!”.

We know how to love because He first loved us. Do you ever wonder when did God first loved us?

Even before the foundation of this world, God has loved you and me already. He has chosen us, to be His sons and daughters even at the beginning of the age. It was because of His great love, He has ordained us, so that we may be holy in His eyes (Eph 1:4). Even before we are formed in our mother’s womb, He has loved us. What an assurance we have in God’s love.

That brings me to the story where the Author of Love didn’t shy away rushing towards us. Perhaps, you know the story of the Prodigal Son – we are all too familiar with the story that we forgot that the core of that story is that, when we truly acknowledge and humble ourselves before the Lord, He will stop whatever He is doing and He will run towards us and shower us the affection that is overflowing in Him. Can you imagine the God of heavens, the King of Kings, running towards us? Sometimes, most of the men will have difficulty understanding such display of overflowing emotion – men felt that only women are emotional. God’s immense love for you and me are not defined by our hormonal structures, nor by our biological X and Y chromosomes.

And you say, you can’t hurry love? No, God is in a hurry to love you because God is chasing after you – wanting to love you despite the ifs and buts we have in our lives. As I end this post, I am sharing to you one of my favorite song growing up – I pray that this song will touch the core of your heart and realize just how much He loves you and me.

Photo and video credits from Youversion and Youtube respectively.

God Does Not Give Up

I just came from a bad interview when I got inspired to write this post. I was sick when I went in for the interview, my head was throbbing badly but I couldn’t ask the interviewer to reschedule. To make things worst, there was a short notice of change of venue. The interview didn’t went as I expected, but the interviewers are nice people and I have nothing against them. But of course I felt sad, because in my heart, I wanted that post. I decided to go for a walk, and I stopped when I got reminded of what I saw that morning, of what I wrote in my bible few years back. At the top of the page where Genesis 1 is, I wrote that “God does not give up”. And in that moment, God spoke to me that I should not give up on myself. I was compelled to sit down and wrote down my thoughts as I see how God is mighty and faithful in my life by meditating His goodness in the midst of appreciating the dusky skyline.


I like how the Bible started everything – it started with a very strong statement what a powerful and great our God is. The very first verse in the Bible, exudes the very nature of God as Someone powerful and supreme – “In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth”.

We are all too familiar with this verse – who isn’t? And what’s more exciting, is when we jump to the next verse.

“The earth was formless and void or a waste and emptiness, and darkness was upon the face of the deep [primeval ocean that covered the unformed earth]. The Spirit of God was moving (hovering, brooding) over the face of the waters.”


In the first part of the verse, the earth was described as something that was formless, a void, a waste where nothing but emptiness and darkness. At one point of our life, we are the very description of the earth. We were once formless, a waste – full of void.

There maybe times, when we think that we have messed up so much, that we are on the verge of losing control of things or people around us. Worse, we are at the point, we think that nothing good will come out of us, because society dictates it due to our colour, ethnicity; or our career is not soaring to the roof just like your peers. Or perhaps, we think nobody likes us because we are not in a perfect relationship.

But rejoice, that verse didn’t end in a hopeless situation. The good part came.

“The Spirit of God was moving over the face of waters.”

Isn’t it amazing, that amidst the darkness and chaos of our lives, the Spirit of the Lord is there? The Spirit of God was patiently waiting – waiting to recreate; He neither stop moving nor give up on us. Just like the story of the beginning where the Spirit of the Lord works on the creation, He wanted to work on us as well – to be full in form again, to fill all the voids we have in our lives and to be used for His glory.

The Lord is just waiting for us – to allow Him to work in our lives – and once we invite Him – He is ready to create a new us; for it was written that if anyone is in Christ – he is a new creation, reborn and renewed by the Holy Spirit (2 Cor 5:17). As what our pastor always says, “God is going to fix first your heart and everything else will follow”. God does not give up on us, and so we should be – we should not give up on ourselves. Allow God to fix our hearts and everything else will follow.

Give and It Shall Be Given

I have previously created few blogs – one that focused on travel, another that focused on book abstracts and the other one, on my random thoughts and poems that at some point, I wrote about very sad poems. It felt that I am encouraging people to feel sadder and be in despair in their relationship journeys.

After the recent encounter with God, He clearly spoke to me to “stop writing sad poems; stop writing about a person’s longing to be loved by someone”. He had clearly instructed me to write about life, and my encounters of His great grace and love towards me.

On 22nd of July 2018, the word of God in Luke 6:38 came differently to me. Due to its familiarity, as we often heard this in offering part of the Sunday service, all too often, we just thought about giving financial resources to the house of God. But that Sunday was different; the service leader said, it just doesn’t talk about money – but rather what you are willing to give to Him; and it really struck my heart that time.

That Sunday night, I quickly checked all the versions of that verse and God brought me to the MSG version and it says:

“Give away your life; you”ll find your life given back, but not merely given back – given back with bonus and blessing. Giving, not getting, is the way. ”

It struck my heart hard so deep – that the words of a certain impression God sent me before, flashed back to me: “Daughter, I have given much to you; it is time to use it”.

I am in no way a professional writer, but I believed that the grace and wisdom of God are always there for me and readily available, so I could encourage other believers as I placed my life in the hands of the Master Potter.